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About Morris Tech Team:

Secure IT.  Support IT.  Simplify IT.

Business owners come to us looking for help, but they don’t always know what services they need. Below, we will demystify our services for you, so you can better understand the benefits of having MTT as your extended IT team. 

Owners: Brian & Alisa Morris

What is a Managed Services Provider? 

A managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party organization that specializes in cybersecurity and IT management. Organizations like yours come to us when you either don’t have an in-house IT person or team - or have a stressed-out IT team - and need extra support, guidance and expertise. 

We then help you to improve the use of IT in your organization, while also managing day-to-day requests and taking care of cybersecurity matters. 

In practice, our services tend to encompass three critical pillars: Secure IT. Support IT. Simplify IT. Below, we’ll look in a little more detail at how each benefits you. 

Secure IT 

No matter how big or small your organization is, every company is vulnerable to cybersecurity incidents and data breaches. Be it human error or a full-scale cyber-attack, organizations must take a layered approach to cybersecurity. 

Of course, many businesses don’t have internal cybersecurity resources. These professionals are hard to come by and extremely expensive. Moreover, cybersecurity is an extremely specialized discipline. Purchasing software and services randomly and hoping for the best simply won’t cover it. You need dedicated expertise. 

That’s where we come in. With our specialist, sophisticated security support, you can feel confident that your business is safe from even the most sophisticated cybersecurity threats. We help you by: 

  • Protecting the network from external threats: Using the latest and greatest security technologies, we ensure that your network stays secure from cybersecurity threats like malware, phishing emails and DDoS attacks.
  • Strategic planning: We don’t just plug security gaps in your organization; we think about how to protect data for the long-term. We offer strategic, thoughtful advice about your company’s cybersecurity strategy and implement it for you.
  • Meet compliance requirements: We’ll ensure you’re in line with compliance requirements, like those of FINRA and the SEC, depending on the sector you operate in.
  • Incident response: With real-time alerts and intrusion and detection tools, we’ll investigate any potential threats and, when possible, remediate them before they can cause any damage to your business.
  • Staff training: Human error is to blame for 80% of data breaches. We don’t just protect your company from attacks. We empower your employees to become more cyber-aware, helping to build a culture of security in your organization.

Support IT 

Downtime, troubleshooting and errors can eat away at employee productivity, leading to feelings of frustration and low motivation. With us on side, your employees will never be staring at a frozen screen for long. We assist you with: 

  • Increasing productivity: Our fast, consistent and effective support helps your employees to stay productive and content at work.
  • Beat the skills gap: Where you either don’t have an internal IT team or have only one staff member, we plug the skills gap for you with our extensive knowledge of IT and cybersecurity.
  • Proactive support: With real-time monitoring technologies, we aim to proactively fix any potential issues before they have an impact, leading to increased uptime and productivity.

Simplify IT

IT, undoubtedly, can be pretty complex. We don’t trouble you with the jargon or the details. We speak in your language, focusing on how we can use IT to drive tangible business outcomes. In practice, this looks like: 

  • A value-added service: We live and breathe technology. We love helping businesses transform with technology. So, when you work with us, you’re not just getting IT support. You’re getting strategic thinking. We’ll proactively consider how you can optimize operations and uncover new efficiencies with IT.
  • Focus on growing your business: We take care of IT and cybersecurity for you, so you can take care of what matters most: creating a thriving, growing company.
  • Simple payment scheduling: No hidden costs and predictable fees means that it’s easy for you to include our services in your budget planning.

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Our managed IT services unleash the potential of technology in your organization. With us by your side, you’ll no longer have to worry about technology. We take care of everything for you. From cybersecurity support, to managing day-to-day IT issues, to strategic innovation, we proactively take charge of your IT function, so you can focus on running your business. So, contact us today and let’s get started! 

How Secure Is Your Business?

Request A Free Security Evaluation Today!